Get more impact from your ideas with online resources that people actually want to read

I help experts create high impact websites to explain complex topics. 

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Get more impact from your ideas with online resources that people actually want to read

I help experts create high impact websites to explain complex topics.

My Mission

Janto McMullin

Hi, I'm Janto McMullin, the founder of I wanted to create a new information design agency with a focus on helping experts reach a wider audience.

I believe that people deserve to have access to important insights that can improve their lives. But let's face it, many experts are just not that good at explaining things.

I'm a doctor, not a marketer!

For many experts, self-promotion sucks. We expect to succeed by being the smartest, most qualified person in the room. The thought of building a 'personal brand' can seem sleazy or even offensive. But if you want to have a wider impact, facts alone are not enough.

There has never been a lower barrier to making information accessible to people. And that means most people are seeing heaps of low-quality rubbish! It is hard to know how to stand out, or even where to start without putting in massive amounts of work.

The pressure to produce

We're under pressure to be creating content around the clock to boost engagement. But what does that even mean? How can you keep up with these demands while keeping the quality of your work high? And how good is any of it in helping people understand the issues?

I see smart people wasting their time, resources and energy on different tactics all the time without any way of measuring the payoff. Honestly? It makes me kind of mad.

My goal is to help you define who you need to talk to, think about what they need, and create resources that help people, whether that's an audience of 50 policy makers or an entire cohort of school leavers.

Be valuable (and fabulous)

Before you should even think about hitting up social media or launching a personal website, you need to know how your work can benefit people.

To start with, you can help people make better decisions by giving them straightforward advice. If you teach or consult, you already know the main issues that students or clients keep getting stuck on. If you're unsure, ask people.

Don't fall into the mistake of assuming that things are obvious or well known! It took me a long time to break through the jargon in marketing to really understand what people were talking about for stuff like sales funnels and customer lifetime value and be able to apply this to my own work.

How It Works

Audience Consultation

I know that specialists have different needs, so the first step is to talk about your audience. What are their goals, and how can your advice help them?

The first consultation is free and will focus on understanding your immediate situation. I'll walk you through a few critical areas that you can improve right away and help you get feedback from key people in your audience.

Build Your Resource Site

Specialist websites need to give value to people. After our initial consultation, I'll help you think about your website as a learning product, not a catalogue. We'll work on together on developing your valuable content while I handle the technical details.

My aim is to get you online fast while giving you tools to grow based on constant feedback. By staying in touch with your audience, you won't have to worry about theoretical strategies. Instead, you'll be able to act based on concrete data.

Managed Hosting and Optimisation

Launching a website is just the beginning. I can offer ongoing support for all your web hosting, site optimisation and content needs. That means not having to worry about setting up an email newsletter or applying the latest security updates.

I want to be clear. This is not a perfect fit for everyone. If your budget is small, you can keep your website up to date yourself. But if you want to save 2-5 hours of work a month, it's well worth the cost.

Need more impact? Talk to me

If you want to find out more about my services and want to see if we're a good fit, you can book a free 30-minute consultation with me, or send me an email at